Carabao Island sits a mere 30minute boat ride from the tourist hub of Boracay. The contrast is stark between the two sister islands; on one hand, Boracay is packed to the brim with travellers, on Carabao you’ll struggle to find another tourist in sight. Whilst Boracay is beautiful, the serenity and authenticity of Carabao island make it a sure winner if you wish to unwind without the crowds. If you’re up for an adventure check out this list of must do’s whilst exploring Carabao island.


Getting to Carabao Island 

While close in proximity to Boracay, the new regulations mean that there is a limited number of boats that can go directly from Boracay to Carabao. Your best option is to get a boat or ferry from Caticlan to Carabao. The first ferry leaves the Caticlan port around 8-9am daily and will cost you150php (but be sure to confirm this with your accommodation). We ended up catching a private boat organized by our accommodation Lanas beach resort. There are two ferry’s that make the return trip from Carabao to Caticlan one at 6am and one at 9am.


Cathedral Cove Cliff Diving

This one sits at the top of the list for a reason. Get ready to be awestruck with handcrafted cliff jumps which lean out over the dazzling blue water. This attraction sits at cliff’s edge with multiple height options – so there’s fun to be had by everyone. A small entrance fee of 100php will grant you access to the spot for however long you desire.

Cathedral Cove Caves 

For no extra cost, you can take a short guided tour through the underground caves and small pools. After crawling through gaps and clambering over rocks, you’ll reach a small inlet of water where you can take a dip and feel like a true mermaid! The lovely tour guides will provide you with helmets and carry any bags you wish to take.

Tan-agan Beach

This beautiful beach sits on the east side of the island, which is about a 30-minute scooter from where the main tourist resorts are. The gnar factor of the roads is extremely high, there is an option to take a guide with you – which I would probably recommend if you’re not a confident scooter driver. The humble beach is sheltered by palm trees and has its own bar and restaurant, a great excuse to venture to the other side of the island and check out daily life.

The Lookout Point

Hard to miss if you’re heading from the resorts into the main town, this beautiful vantage point allows you to view the palm tree oasis below. The perfect spot for a snack or a rest if you’re on your way to explore the rest of the island.

Catch the Sunset 

Extremely achievable if you’re staying in one of the few beachfront resorts, yet it never fails to impress. Grab a drink and relax as the sun signs off for the day. We stayed at Lana’s Beach resort which we all found really enjoyable, the resort was beachfront meaning we could savour our beers whilst watching the beautiful sunset.

Carabao Island gives a true taste of the authentic Filipino lifestyle that Boracay will never be able to offer. So if you’re planning to head to Boracay definitely add Carabao to your travel list; easily accessible and will give you a true taste of the Philippines.