Wind: May to September is the best time to visit Sri Lanka for kiting, the middle ground providing the best conditions; absolutely nuking, in fact. Sri Lanka’s winter season runs from mid-December to March. In these months you’ll sacrifice consistent wind, but the absence of crowds and turquoise blue waters will make up for it.

Getting there: Kalpitya is located a three-hour drive from Columbo Airport. The slightly traumatic journey will set the pace of Sri Lankan driving for the remainder of your trip. Most accommodation will offer transport from Columbo Airport to Kalpitya Lagoon. An array of villas and hotels surround the edge of the lagoon – with options to suit all budgets. We stayed at Sun Wind Beach Kalpitya which was a truly amazing and authentic experience. 



If you’re in Sri Lanka for kiting, I can guarantee you’ll have heard about this spot. The expansive lagoon offers relatively flat water and a steady breeze, with room for everyone to shred. Located on the sand-bar lie handcrafted huts for you to rest and eat; only once you’ve kited till you drop. You can launch from villas on the east side, but preference lies to do this from the sandbar. On the outer edge, you’ll find the Indian Ocean with swells gently lapping the beach.






Is the creme de la creme of kiting spots in Kalpitya. A one-hour boat ride will deliver you to Vella Islands doorstep. Here you will find yourself in kiters heaven. A large sand spit offers butter-flat goodness, filled with inviting clear water. We opted to stay the night, sleeping under the stars – not as romantic as it sounds when hoards of flea-ridden stray dogs also inhibit the island and decide your tent is a good toilet! Nonetheless, I would 100% recommend this surreal experience.  







Another lagoon located a (very) bumpy 20-minute scooter from the Kalpitya base. Whilst it is very small and can only accommodate 10 riders at a time, it makes up for its size with strikingly flat water and winds steadier than the main lagoon.   




*Pictures are from the main lagoon. Didn’t snap any of Kappalady. 



What a spot. Mannar Island is located an intrepid 5-hour journey from the kiting hotspot of Kalpitya – elephants, monkey and crocodile sightings included! It is well worth the extra travel, you will be rewarded with acres of flat water for all to share. This spot is notoriously winder than Kalpitya, all the more reason to go. The sandbar which stretches out for miles actually connects to India! Don’t get any ideas though, the navy heavily patrol this edge of Sri Lanka. Small swells greets the outer edge of the sandbar.